Creating exceptional experiences across brand, customer, digital.

Our people come together at the intersection of brand, design, experience, technology and delivery. We harness data, creativity, problem solving and digital technology to enable exceptional brand [customer/citizen/stakeholder/employee] experiences.

The combination of Integral’s deep technical capability and OTM’s strategic and creative brand and experience capability means we can offer the full spectrum of services our clients need: creative, reliable and adaptive solutions across the entire customer journey.

Together we can execute a truly customer focussed digital transformation, enabling clients to adapt their business models, adopt new and better ways of working and create exceptional customer and stakeholder experiences.  From one partner, our clients can now access the compelling brand, marketing and digital front-end experiences they need to engage their customers; and the robust back-end technology solutions to make those brand promises a reality. Our digital services include:

Brand strategy

We partner with you to diagnose, understand, segment, strategise, create and engage across all brand experience touchpoints.

  • Brand audits, research and analysis
  • Brand promise, positioning, value proposition and message development
  • Brand and customer experience strategy
  • Customer journey mapping and brand touchpoint development
  • Customer persona development

Design and creative services

Our graphic design, visual producers, user interface designers and user experience specialists will work with you to deliver the creative solutions you need to bring your brand experience to life.

  • Visual identity and brand guide creation
  • User experience design
  • User interface design
  • Graphic design
  • Visual content
  • Video and animation


Our experienced strategic, creative and digital marketing specialists will help you to strategise, plan and execute to achieve your results for your business. This includes:

  • Research and analysis
  • Strategy and planning at a campaign level,
    or full go-to-market planning for a segment,
    brand, product or service
  • Creative campaign development and
  • Advisory
  • Audits
  • Marketing-as-a-service – outsourced
    marketing management and implementation
  • B2B and B2C

Websites and online experience

Our web design and development teams will work with you to build exceptional online experiences for your website, app or eCommerce platform.

  • Information architecture
  • User interface and user experience design
  • Web design and development – websites,
    eCommerce, Microsites, Intranets, Apps
  • Content management system (CMS) and
    digital experience platform (DXP) selection
    and implementation
Integral + OTM

Digital marketing

Data-driven digital experience meets strategic, holistic marketing. Reflecting a world where marketing and digital are no longer separate, we help you build exceptional digital and customer experiences to be found, to engage, convert and delight.

  • Research, digital audits and analysis
  • Data and analytics
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing automation workflows, system
    selection and implementation


Listening and understanding followed by clear communications, meaningful engagement and quality content make the difference between adding to the noise or being relevant and valuable to the people you’re targeting. Out team can help you develop strategy and implement effective communications:

  • Communications and engagement strategy
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Consultation
  • Storytelling
  • Change communications
  • Public relations
  • Internal / employee communications


The writers, designers and visual storytellers in our team can produce the original and curated content you need to engage your audiences.

  • Content strategy, creation and management
  • Research and planning
  • Original design and production + curation of third party content
  • Written, spoken, visual, on-page, presented, produced and animated

Customer relationship management

We will work with you to develop the right Customer relationship management (CRM) strategy to enable a seamless experience for your customers; and to ensure your marketing and customer teams have a holistic view of customers.

Related information

Integral recently acquired long-time partner and independent brand, marketing and digital agency – The OTM Company (OTM). Together we will build an end-to-end brand, digital and customer experience offering that’s not readily available in the Australian market. Read the press release here.

You can learn more about The OTM Company on their website.  With OTM, and now OTM + Integral, Data-driven digital marketing meets strategic, holistic marketing.  Our services reflect a world where ‘marketing’ and ‘digital’ are no longer separate. To help our customers thrive in this world we:

  • help you build exceptional customer experiences to ensure you are living up to your brand promise at every touch point.
  • ask the tough questions to ensure you’re spending your marketing budget in the best possible way, for maximum outcome.
  • strategise, plan and execute. All channels. All touch points. All customers.

OTM + Integral. Your brand and digital thought partners. Visit for more information.