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Thoughts On Training Delivery: Part Three

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This is a much shorter post than the lengthy screeds on the material and delivery aspects of training, mostly due to the fact that this is the aspect of training delivery you have the least amount of control over as a trainer. But, admittedly I do have less to say about this area as well.

Fundamentally, a good training venue is one that can keep the trainer mobile, and the students awake. And, given that keeping the instructor mobile is about keeping students awake, it fundamentally boils down to keeping the students awake. The rest largely takes care of itself.

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Thoughts On Training Delivery: Part Two

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So last time we talked about the training material. But while training material forms the foundation of the experience, how you conduct the course is the make or break point. You can compensate for poor material with solid experience and product knowledge, you can make light of a difficult venue, but without quality delivery you’ll either have your students switch off, or even worse, have them go offside.

Herein lie a few prescriptive suggestions about how to coordinate the course. Again, while I’m stating these as rules, this is only my view on how to handle things. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Thoughts On Training Delivery: Part One

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For the first time in a long time, I attended a training course in April as a student,. I’m hoping to attend more training courses soonish, particularly some of Sun’s Java internals courses. I’ve just finished delivering a block of training in Sydney, so now seems like a good time to talk about something that’s been ticking over in my head since that course – golden rules of good training delivery.

Watching a course unfold as a student is a great learning exercise. Not just in terms of learning the course material, but also watching how trainers present the course, and help the class learn. Watching the course in April reinforced for me some things I believe about training – a number of them by negative example.

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