As organisations implement digital initiatives, including cloud and mobile, the importance of identity and access management
becomes an increasing focus. Having the right access control, consent and privacy measures in place builds trust with customers.
Integral has a depth of experience with the implementation and support of identity federation solutions in a variety of industry sectors
both public and private. Our specialists are very familiar with specific standards being Consumer Data Rights (CDR), Trusted Digital
Identity Framework (TDIF) and Financial-grade API (FAPI).
The core objective of IAM systems is to integrate and monitor identity throughout each user’s access lifecycle ensuring privacy is
maintained. We have a depth of identity experience across several technologies and industries that can assist organisations to build
trust with customers.

IAM and SSO solutions using OIDC, OAuth and SAML

Challenges with Identity and Access Management (IAM) or Single Sign On (SSO), Integral can help.  Not only do we consult and deliver on these technologies, we contribute to Keycloak, the leading Open Source solution in this space.

Identity and Attribute Verification Services

Connect your business with National Identity and Attribute Verification Services such as those provided by the Australian Digital Transformation Agency .

Identity Brokering and Exchange

Integral are specialists in the integration of Digital Identity across multiple client channels.  Allowing unique, personalised experiences for each client.

Cross Domain Identity Integration and Management Including SCIM

Security is rarely simple. Integral can help with your Cross Domain identity challenges and supporting SCIM, the System for Cross-Domain Identity Management.

CDR Compliant Identity Integration and Consent Management

Consumer Data Rights (CDR) legislation, will have significant impacts on how businesses manage their relationships with the client.  Integral has specialised expertise in developing CDR solutions and Consent Management frameworks.

Financial Grade API Implementation

Integral helps our customers deliver financial grade API implementations to support CDR and Open Banking.

DTA TDIF Compliance Assessments and Implementation

Looking to implement a solution to the Digital Transformation Agency – Trusted Digital Identity Framework standard?  Integral’s team have significant experience in this space with multiple projects at both the state and federal level.

Keycloak / Red Hat SSO Implementation and Management

Integral are part of the development community, contributing to Keycloak and the leading Australian partner in the implementation of Red Hat SSO (based on Keycloak).

Security Application Development

Integral are leaders in the development of Security Solutions, using products from our partners Red Hat, Microsoft and the Open Source Keycloak solution.


Integral delivers solutions across a range of Microsoft security technologies, with Azure at the heart of our Cloud First approaches.

Integral is a Red Hat Advanced Business Partner and the Red Hat Innovation Partner of the Year 2020 (Asia Pacific), Partner of the Year 2020 (Aus / NZ) and Services Partner of the Year 2019 (Aus / NZ).

Integral provides specialised expertise in the implementation of the Open Source Keycloak solution and is a contributor to this project.


  • Digital Containerisation
    Digital Containerisation
    National Transport Insurance
  • Student Experience Program
    Student Experience Program
    Griffith University
Digital Containerisation
National Transport Insurance

The Australian economy is powered by transport and NTI is Australia’s leading insurer in that space. Integral worked with NTI to develop an advanced containerisation platform so it can remain at the forefront of the industry and respond rapidly to change.


NTI first adopted containers in 2017, leveraging the power to assist with new machine learning modelling techniques. NTI built a fit for purpose, container management platform during that period but as the value and opportunities of containers became obvious NTI needed to implement an enterprise level management platform. The NTI project team identified several key areas to focus on during their evaluation of various containerisation platforms.


After undertaking a proof-of-concept on a small group of applications, the project team found that Red Hat’s OpenShift platform was the best fit and value for money.  Once the NTI team decided to adopt the Red Hat OpenShift platform, the project could then move on to acquisition and eventually integrating Red Hat’s OpenShift platform with existing systems.


Student Experience Program
Griffith University

The Student Experience Program was part of the redevelopment of the programs and courses website and student enrolment process, addressing the issues with the previous system.


By understanding the user requirements for the business system, Integral provided direction on system architecture and technical integration to meet scalability, performance, security, maintainability and operability requirements. This included modelling an enterprise web services framework, producing a time and resource plan for delivery and facilitating technical solution until project handover.


Integral delivered the system and data integration components for the Griffith Online Programs and Courses and Online Enrolments applications. The team achieved this by developing an advanced, near real time Operational Data Warehouse (called the DataHub) that reflected the current state of programs, courses and student information in a centralised, validated repository. DataHub was developed using a combination of data modelling skills and integration tools such as Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle SOA Suite.



  • Griffith University
  • NTI
  • Red Hat
    Integral is one of Australia's leading Red Hat implementers and winner of the Red Hat A/NZ Partner of the Year 2021 & 2020, Innovation Partner of the Year 2020 and Services Partner of the Year 2019.
  • Virgin Australia
  • Department of Housing and Public Works
  • QTAC
  • Sport Australia