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You’re excited at the prospect of a new project. You’re ready to start work yesterday. Yet, in the rush to get rolling, have you stopped to properly  assess the project’s impact on business operations?

FitProject, a new tool from Integral Technology Solutions, has been built to help you do just that.

With a specialised module, FitProject asks the right questions to properly sound out your impact management. Questions like:

  • Does the leadership team understand the impact of the project on all stakeholders?
  • Does the leadership team grasp the operational risks of the project?
  • Do the coalface decision makers know the downstream effects of their actions?
  • Are the C-suite and the front line teams aligned on what the unacceptable risks are?

FitProject takes the confusion out of managing your project’s impact on business operations. By interrogating management techniques, you’re ensuring your project can proceed with operational support and minimal adverse impacts.

If you’re wondering whether your project’s impact on business operations is well managed, FitProject will give you the answer.

Want proof? Sign up today. See how FitProject cuts to the chase. Easy, fast and no obligation.

Better projects mean better results with FitProject.

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