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Principal Consultant, Elliott Caldwell joined the Integral team in 2016. Take a few minutes to get to know Elliott and his professional and personal interests.


What do you do at Integral and what motivates you to do it?

I am the principle consultant for the Technology Testing and Assurance practice and am highly motivated by helping clients to achieve a high quality product without the high cost percentage that testing can entail.

How do you help Integral deliver the complex?

I assist with clients testing and release management processes to reduce risk and ensure confidence in the application. I am a keen agile practitioner as well and enjoy helping organisations improve their quality outcome by implementing the Agile principles.

What do you like to do in your downtime?

Boating and cooking are my 2 passions. My wife especially like the fact that I enjoy cooking!

What is the biggest life lesson you have learnt?

Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure. I have had many interesting times in my life but have always found that if you have the right attitude you can turn a seemingly tough time into a positive.

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