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Integral participated at the recently held AIIA NSW Financial Services Forum, Customer Service at the Heart of a Digital Bank at Sydney’s Shangri La Hotel.

The event was attended by Australia’s leading banks and technology service providers with keynote addresses including the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. The key theme throughout the forum was the idea of customer experience continuing to be the primary focus for the leading retail banks through the increased adoption of digital technologies. Digital as it currently stands is a combination of an online experience, omni-channel marketing, analytics and personalisation and customers are increasingly influencing their retail bank selection around the quality of the online and application experience.

Also underscoring the banks’ need to ensure highest quality digital presence is the change instigator brought about by the “millennial” customer. Consequently, innovation plays high on the agenda of the Australian banks and the industry encouraged niche players to come up with good offerings to drive change and increasing the path to fintech partnerships. The banks envision the digital theme to augment the human interface of traditional banking and hence top four retail banks do not currently plan to become a 100{638ffb79962b6622fa0d2cd040ec848a88ecbe0d9e6062e16f9d513463d06ce3} “online only” enterprise in the near future.

Another trend resonating through the industry is the embracing of agile practices as the current development methodology of choice. Waterfall delivery is losing ground as buyers and users are driven by the predictability afforded by immediately tangible outcomes. This projects the importance of the right people delivering the right things to the industry and a corresponding focus to work with highly skilled people and to foster a positive culture within the workplace

For further information or to discuss these topics further please contact Arijit Sarkar, Regional Sales Manager for Integral.

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