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Today’s Market for Configuration & Environment Management Tools

By August 1, 2016Blogs, ConfigNOW





By Mike Stone


In the last few years, there’s been a radical shift in the way that clients deliver DevOps and Continuous Integration (CI).  Driven by cloud solutions and containerisation tools like Docker, the marketplace for DevOps and CI tools has changed markedly.

There are three leading tools in the Configuration Management, Environment Management and DevOps space, being Puppet, Chef and Ansible. All of these tools are Open Source based solutions with strong Community-backed support. As well as these open source, free-of-charge software products, the companies behind these products offer commercial editions which are also license and royalty free, which reduces the cost of development, deployment and software maintenance while supporting the growth of end users.

Oracle, Puppet and Chef modules

In March 2016, Oracle announced the official release of Puppet and Chef modules for the Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFM) family. These modules can be used with either the Open Source or commercial versions of Puppet and Chef and support the latest releases of OFM.

Ansible & Red Hat

In October 2015, Red Hat announced the acquisition of Ansible which is probably the world’s leading tool for configuration, deployment, automation and orchestration of IT environments. It is also one of the easiest tools to learn (being Python-based) whilst being very extensible and comprehensive.

Ansible is also available as free Open Source software, with very large community-based support as well as commercial versions available directly from Ansible (Red Hat) with full product support and maintenance available for an annual support fee.

Other Proprietary Configuration, Automation & Orchestration Products

There are some additional tools in the market place that are still have proprietary (closed) source code that is sold with standard software license fees, plus annual support and maintenance fees. It is our belief that with the wealth of low cost (or free), high quality tools in the marketplace, these proprietary tools will rapidly convert to become open source tools or see their market share decline.

Introducing Integral’s ConfigNOW – Launch Environments in Minutes, Not Days

ConfigNOW is a Configuration Management and Deployment tool designed to simplify the process of configuring and managing OFM, JBoss or Tomcat environments.  It is used to support Configuration Management, Dev Ops and Continuous Integration with a particular focus on large, complex systems. It is simple, lightweight and easy to use, enabling you to establish middleware environments in minutes. ConfigNOW is also able to scale for very large scale systems.

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