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Providing a more accessible and informative presence to enhance client, partner, and staff experiences.

Integral have added so much value to our team and our business. I really appreciate the depth and breadth of expertise they offer, and way that they augment my team by ‘patching together’ a mix of skills and experience that suits the business challenge we are tackling. We enjoy the working relationship and feel that they are genuinely invested in helping us serve our mission.

HELP serves a complex ecosystem that is a community of parts.  It has a multifaceted service portfolio, and a complex and diverse stakeholder, partner and customer environment.  It balances commercial operations with its core mission of disability services and support.  HELP’s customer experience is delivered both physically and digitally and they strive for a seamless, relevant and enjoyable experience every time.

Integral is a trusted advisor and delivery partner (since 2020), working with the executive, marketing, digital and information technology teams to deliver solutions in the following areas:

  • Customer experience and brand strategy including
  • Digital experience and web
  • Information systems audit and roadmap
  • Business transformation, change and program management

Case Study: Brand, Marketing and Digital


HELP had identified the need to improve and grow the skills and support offered by their digital, communications and marketing team. They needed to review their digital effectiveness, optimise campaigns, and ensure best practice with data, digital experience, content and more. They engaged Integral to augment and advise.


Integral initially carried out a digital marketing audit of all key HELP brands and channels.

Our second stage of work included campaign strategy, and customer persona workshops and guidance.

We carried out an audit of existing digital marketing campaigns and developed new campaign strategies, before implementing ongoing PPC campaigns across the main function areas of the organisation.

As part of the ongoing retainer Integral manages HELP’s PPC activity; and provides advice and support for all digital marketing activity, PR/media relations, and internal communications.


HELP now understands their audiences far better, which has enabled more effectual communications and marketing activities. The optimised digital marketing campaigns have improved conversions across their product and service offerings. Their internal communications process is more structured, with the leaders and executive team better understanding the need for strategic internal communications. HELP’s brand has gained exposure to and traction with a broader external audience, as their story is shared more effectively across a range of mediums.


HELP is a compassionate and progressive social enterprise, committed to enhancing the lifestyle, independence, and ambitions of people with disability.

They offer a balance of commercial and social initiatives. Their market-leading products and services add value for their customers and create vital employment opportunities and support for people with disability, injury, and health conditions.