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Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement applies to Integral Technology Solutions Pty Ltd and its related bodies corporate (Integral).

Integral is committed to protecting the privacy of all individuals. To deliver on this commitment to privacy, Integral will comply with the legislation and regulations of the countries in which it operates.

Integral is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) as amended by the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 (Cth) (the Act), the 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained within the Act, and the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993 as amended by the Privacy Act 2020 (the NZ Acts), and the 13 Information Privacy Principles (IPP’s) contained in the NZ Acts (collectively, the Acts). All employees, and officers of Integral, and business partners that do business with Integral, are required to comply with the Acts and this Privacy Statement.

Information or opinions, which are collected, held, used, or disclosed by Integral about an individual whose identity is apparent or can reasonably be ascertained will be protected by the standards outlined in this Privacy Statement.

To deliver its commitment to privacy, Integral will:

  • be bound by and comply with the APPs and the IPPs in relation to personal information and make available this Privacy Statement to all employees, officers, and business partners to promote awareness of their requirement to comply with our privacy standards and to anyone else who asks for it
  • ensure that lawful, fair, and unobtrusive means are used to collect personal information that is necessary for its business purposes
  • collect sensitive information only with the individual's consent and not disclose any personal information to an unrelated third party except with the individual's consent or where permitted to do so by law
  • take reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify personal information in a secure manner when there is no further need for it or if Integral is required to do so by law
  • take reasonable steps to ensure that only authorised personnel who have agreed to keep personal information confidential have access to the information
  • take reasonable steps to keep personal information up to date, accurate, and complete
  • provide individuals access to their personal information on request periodically review and revise this Privacy Statement and related documents to maintain relevance
  • advise individuals (and any regulatory body if required) of any privacy breach that is likely to cause anyone serious harm.

Integral recognises and respects the importance of each individual's privacy. This Privacy Statement and related documents ensure all personal information held by Integral is handled appropriately and kept confidential.


What personal information is collected and how?

Integral will only collect personal information to the extent that it is reasonably necessary for the purposes of its business.

Integral may collect personal information about:

  • potential employees including application forms, resumes, interview notes, references, names and contact details of referees, and pre-employment medical information current employee information including name, addresses, email, telephone numbers, tax file numbers, bank account details, next of kin details, date of birth, gender, salary, superannuation funds, licences, memberships, qualifications, passport details and medical information
  • business partners including current and potential clients, consultants, subcontractors, suppliers, and industry participant’s third-party information obtained through contact made via our websites.

Integral collects personal information orally, in writing, by telephone, via email and via its websites. Integral collects information in a number of ways including:

  • on its websites for job applications or email queries
  • as it establishes payroll records for employees through the ongoing management of employees during their time with Integral
  • by collecting client, supplier, and business partner information as part of the ongoing management of its business relationships.

Personal information must be collected in a lawful and fair manner and the collection must be reasonably necessary for the functions and activities of Integral. Sensitive personal information must only be collected with consent.

What does Integral use personal information for?

Any personal details you provide will be used for the purpose for which it was provided. This may involve disclosing your personal information to related bodies corporate within Integral, or to service providers who assist in operating Integral’s business. All of these organisations are required to comply with the principles of this Privacy Statement.

If you upload your resume to any of Integral’s websites, you give express consent to use, disclose and store your personal information for the purposes of potential recruitment by Integral or one of its associated joint ventures or related bodies corporate. When it is considered the information is no longer needed, any details that will identify you will be removed or we will take reasonable steps to destroy the information. Any filed resumes will be secured and protected from unauthorised access.

If your request is for company newsletters or other material, your details and information about the newsletters, or the material you wish to receive will be held on the client database and used for the purpose of administering your subscription or request. Your email details may be used to contact you from time to time to provide you with information about Integral.

With regard to other interactions through which personal information is obtained, your details will only be accessible to and used by, appropriate personnel. Integral does not use or disclose any personal details you provide for the purposes of direct marketing.


Disclosing personal information

In some circumstances Integral may disclose personal information to entities located outside Australia and New Zealand, including to its own related bodies corporate, third party service providers and business partners.

These entities are required to comply with this Privacy Statement. Integral will only make such disclosures to achieve the purpose for which the information was provided. Otherwise, Integral’s policy is not to disclose any personal information to any unrelated third party, except with your consent or, where permitted by law to do so.

There are certain safeguards which must be met before transferring personal information outside Australia and New Zealand. These are set out in the Act and the NZ Acts, and the relevant laws in the applicable jurisdiction. When disclosing information overseas, Integral will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the recipient will handle the information in a manner consistent with the Acts and the NZ Acts and applicable law.


Retention and disposal of information

Integral will only keep personal information it needs for the purpose for which it was collected. Integral will take reasonable steps to dispose of such information when it has no further need to use it, or it is required by law to do so.


What information does Integral collect via its web sites?

Integral’s websites allow contact with Integral for the purpose of requesting information about Integral or making other enquiries.

By submitting the feedback form, you provide certain personal information which may include your name, email address and any other details you include in your form. This information is collected for the purpose of dealing with your request. Integral may not be able to deal with your request without this information.

No other personal information is collected via Integral’s websites.


Email security

Any emails you send or receive will be automatically checked for viruses and copied for email archives. Integral’s ICT administrators may have access to emails to manage email security.


Security of information

You should be aware that the internet is not a secure environment. However, Integral uses all reasonable efforts to ensure that any personal information collected, in whatever format, is held securely.

In addition, only authorised personnel have access to personal information and are required to comply with this Privacy Statement.


Use of cookies

A cookie is a small text file downloaded onto the user’s computer or mobile device when they access a website. Cookies are widely used to make websites work, or work more efficiently, as well as to provide information to the website’s owners and third parties.


Cookies do not identify the user as an individual but do identify the computer or mobile device they use to access the internet and can therefore be used to collect information about the person’s use of the internet. Cookies do not allow access to any information stored on the user’s computer or mobile device.

Integral does use cookies in some aspects of its websites. Integral’s online recruitment service also uses cookies. Where used, the information collected is used to evaluate and improve the website’s effectiveness and to improve your experience when you visit it. Cookies are not used by Integral to identify who you are or to send you advertising.


Accessing and updating personal information

Upon request, Integral will provide you with access to the information held about you, unless there is an exception which applies under the APPs or the IPPs. If you are refused access to the information, you will be provided with reasons for the refusal and inform you of any exceptions relied upon under the APPs or the IPPs.

Integral takes reasonable steps to ensure your personal information is accurate, complete, and up to date whenever we collect or use it. If personal information held about you is inaccurate, incomplete, or out of date, please let us know so that we can correct this information.

You can access your personal information and notify any change, modification, or correction, by contacting Integral’s Privacy Officer/Group Compliance Officer by email at [email protected]


Complaints and further information

If you have a complaint or require further information about how Integral handles personal information or privacy issues, please contact Integral’s Privacy Officer/Group Compliance Officer by email at [email protected]


Changes to this privacy statement

From time to time, it may be necessary for Integral to review and revise this Privacy Statement. Integral reserves the right to change this Privacy Statement at any time. Any changes to this Privacy Statement will be advised by posting an updated version on Integral’s website.


Contact details

The Privacy Officer/Group Compliance Officer

Integral Services Group Pty Limited Email: [email protected]