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Digital Technology

Establish and implement appropriate IT strategies and solutions to give you a competitive edge and to capture value across your entire organisation.

Delivering complex digital technology initiatives requires specialist skills and people with great passion for producing successful outcomes. At Integral, we have both.

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We engage with you so we can truly understand your business. We use data to help you make better and faster decisions, and develop more iterative and rapid ways of operating your business - ultimately improving user, employee and customer experiences, strengthening information security, and reducing costs. 

We support you through your digital transformation, integration, application development, and digital experience projects. 

Identity and access management

Identity is at the heart of effective digital engagement, enabling secure and personalised digital experiences. It allows the implementation of connected services and true customer ownership of their data. Integral provides complete identity and access management solutions for the integration and management of identity, identity federation, and single sign on at population scale. Our specialists are well-versed with important standards including Consumer Data Rights (CDR), Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF), and Financial-grade API (FAPI).

Data insights, visualisation and management

Using proven approaches in Data Analysis, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics, we extract key insights from the ever-increasing volume of information available to businesses, including structured, unstructured, and transactional data. Our capabilities include data architecture, modelling and design; data migration, integration, and virtualisation; and data visualisation and analytics.


Integration is one of the most complex areas of Information Technology. We assist you to rapidly solve the challenge of getting your business systems connected. Connectivity enables more efficient, higher quality business outcomes and improved visibility into processes and data. With great integration, organisations can remove manual processes, resulting in optimised business processes and improved data quality. We have a range of integration strategy and planning tools based around the international OSIMM v2 standard. Our delivery methodology contains a complete set of frameworks and tools for integration delivery, referred to as the Integral Integration Methodology (IIM). Our capabilities include integration architecture and solution design, platform establishment, enterprise application integration, and managed services using DevOps methodologies and microservice architectures.

Web and application development

Integral is a leader in application development. This includes websites, mobile apps, and enterprise applications. We specialise in application architecture and leverage a range of languages and frameworks including Java, .Net, Angular, React, and Vue.js. 

We also specialise in the implementation and configuration of leading digital experience platforms and content management systems, such as Kentico and WordPress


Migrating to or between cloud services brings trouble when enterprises believe that the cloud will somehow fix existing costs and problems, such as a data mess, application issues, inadequate security, or a lack of operational discipline and tools. Whether it be public, private or hybrid clouds, SaaS, PaaS or IaaS solutions, Integral can work with you to develop and implement your digital enablement strategy. We build strong and secure cloud architectures supported by development and deployment practices that lead to successful cloud deployments and ongoing optimisation.  


Technology platforms are the foundation for digital transformation. Integral provides platform engineering, establishment, and management for modern application, integration, and digital experience platforms using cloud-based technologies. Our platform services include cloud adoption and migrations (Azure, AWS, GCP), automation, DevSecOps, digital experience platforms and content management systems (Kentico, WordPress), and Kubernetes platforms (Red Hat OpenShift).