Populace Threads - Integral

Focus on video and sustainable fashion-based content leads to increased growth across all managed social media channels

New brand strategy and visual identity

Strategic digital and social marketing strategy resulting in high engagement and reach

Online community growth to promote the sustainable fashion start-up

The [Integral] team have been instrumental in assisting Populace Threads in the development of our brand and digital business; and in helping to grow our online presence through digital marketing, content and social media management.  As a result of the work we do together, we have significantly increased our brand profile and reach online and are steadily building traction for our start-up venture.

Carla Scott, CEO and co-founder of Populace Threads.


As a start-up, the company had little brand presence, particularly in the online space. They needed to establish a strong digital presence, to communicate their mission to the right audience.  And so that investment could stay focussed on building the movement, brand awareness had to be built organically.


Since the website relaunch, there has been a heavy push to grow the Populace Threads social community. In the first year, each social platform experienced high follower growth.


1,333% increase

Instagram followers

56% increase

LinkedIn followers

19% increase

Facebook followers


Examples of success across socials include:

  • Reaching 12,060 people organically through Instagram reels resulting in 661 likes.
  • Reaching 6,082 people through a boosted video post on Facebook, engaging a total of 2,308 people with 191 link clicks.
  • Reaching 487 people organically across LinkedIn, leading to a 6.12% engagement rate and 3.27% click through rate.

Our Brand Experience team first helped Populace Threads to bring its brand to life with a custom designed visual identity including bespoke logo, colour palette, and a suite of digital designs to use across web and social.  We also worked hand-in-hand with the founder to develop key brand content, a marketing launch strategy, website user interface designs, and now provide ongoing content and social media marketing services.  This includes social media strategy, content and engagement for growth across Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. The content approach is tailored for the individual channels as no two platforms and their audience expectations are alike.


Built to challenge consumers’ views on fast fashion and textile waste, Populace Threads is a resale platform established to be a one-stop-shop for all. The company is passionate about making a difference to people and the planet.

Populace Threads was born from the desire of its founders to build a giant online community of friends to share clothes with and at the same time, to help save the planet. Their aim is to create a positive impact on the environment by reducing the volume of textiles going to landfill.