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Student and Early Learning experiences are fragmented and resource-intensive

Adapt to the ways people access information today, their learning expectations and the continued reality of disruption.  Put people first - students, children, families.

The sector has been under pressure to maintain relevance and profit for a long time, which has only been exacerbated by COVID-19. Systems, service delivery, processes, and enablement have not been up to the challenge. 

Digital capability and exceptional student, employee, learning and family experiences are setting education institutions and learning providers apart in an increasingly competitive and evolving industry.  In early learning environments add to that the challenges in getting qualified staff, higher engagement and service quality expectations of families, and important governance and compliance factors.

There are crucial starting points across your technology, process, and business to address. They lay the foundations for your institution or organisation to adapt to disruption, and then mature to thrive. 

Integral speeds the right change for your organisation through sector experience and specialist skills. 

We streamline processes and systems to reduce costs, ensuring your digital infrastructure and app development is fully integrated and flexible. 

Your sector is extremely competitive but our unique technology and digital experience service offering will position you ahead of your competitors.