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Financial Services and Insurance

Customer friction triggers disruption and innovation

Financial services - critical national infrastructure that must always anticipate and be ready to respond swiftly to man-made and naturally-occurring disruption; and to always deliver top-notch omni-channel customer experiences.

There are few sectors as continuously disrupted and innovated in as Financial Services - Banking, Superannuation, Insurance.  Incumbents are challenged with legacy systems, rigid process, and brand history.  Challengers need to move rapidly, win trust, and meet a plethora of regulations.  And as the natural cycle of mergers and acquisitions consolidate the industry again and again, mismatched technologies, ways of working, and brand strategies need to work in harmony.

Financial services as a sector is a vital component of national and global economies and represents critical infrastructure.  It cannot afford to ignore risks posed by natural or man-made disruption, nor can it ignore the growing and changing expectations of a digital-first customer base.

As your sector pushes boundaries for future innovation, you need a specialist provider to keep you at the forefront, ensuring your customer experiences, capabilities and enabling technologies are flexible, scalable and open to innovation and change. We are that provider.