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Personalisation leading the industry

Most brands don’t personalize customer experiences at the scale or depth necessary to compete with the world’s leading companies. Personalizing an end-to-end customer experience requires orchestration across channels—a capability that no brand has fully mastered. But merging the flow of customers’ physical and digital experiences may be the only way challenger brands can compete - Harvard Business Review, 2022

New trends and disruptions within the media and publishing industry will call for continued digitalisation of practices in the coming years, bringing with it tremendous opportunity.

So, what trends are we seeing change the media and publications industry? The video streaming industry will continue to mature as people look to disconnect in their free time. Post-pandemic we are seeing a need for in-person entertainment to be bigger than ever to attract an audience. Social media is driving the move to digital as people turn there for ‘easy to digest’ news. The metaverse will also have major implications on the media and publishing industry as it will heavily impact how (and where) people spend their time.

Understanding your consumer data will be crucial for delivering valuable, personalised, and relevant content. Integral makes this possible.