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Mining and Resources

How will you prosper in the race to net zero?

The race to net zero has forced unprecedented changes in the mining and resources industry.  Never before have we seen ESG - environmental and social risks - so high on the list of risks concerning leaders in the mining industry.

The race to net zero as the world moves more concertedly towards a low-carbon, sustainable future presents seismic challenges to the mining and resources industry.  The drive to sustainability also comes on top of several years of difficulty caused by the global pandemic - staff shortages, supply chain disruptions, border closures and more.  The world looks to the mining and metals industries for the materials we need in so many sectors, and yet we also expect the same industry to put Environmental, Social, and Governance factors at the top of its priorities.  Never before have we expected so much from our mining, metals and mineral resources sector.

As we move from pandemic to endemic, how can the mining and resources sector shift its ways of working, embrace digitalisation and transform operations for a sustainable future?

Integral offers a team of specialists to digitally guide your organisation through these changes.