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Retail and e-Commerce

Remaining versatile in a disrupted industry

Consumers have high expectations of brands and their sustainability practices. 

Out of a list of 12 attributes, the top thing consumers globally want brands to be is eco-friendly (44% say this). - Global Web Index, March 2022

Retail providers have been subject to a particularly challenging operational environment for several years now, exacerbated none more-so than by the global COVID pandemic. Shifts in consumer behaviour, supply chain disruptions, changing operating models, organisational gaps and talent shortages, and inflationary cost challenges have required retailers to remain adaptable.

According to Boston Consulting Group's 2022 Australian Retail Outlook, there are seven key trends that will stick well beyond the transition from pandemic to endemic, including forever changed consumer behaviours, the expectation of personalisation, seamless omni-channel retail delivery, the importance of ESG, inflationary pressures on operations, supply chain disruptions, and the competition for top talent.

Serious players in the Retail and e-Commerce industry need to consider the importance of becoming advanced, data-driven organisations. Leading retailers have already begun investing into digital transformation, future-proofing their businesses - don't get left behind.

As an expert in data, Integral can equip your Retail and e-Commerce business with the data insights, integrations, virtualisation, and analytics it needs to continuously and swiftly adapt to the shifting market.