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Transportation and Logistics

Digitalisation on the horizon

Our global supply chains have faced significant disruption as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Never has data access and the capability for sharing information been more important to understand how our supply chains are performing, addressing the pain points, and mitigate the risks of supply. - ALC Chair, Philip Davies

The transport and logistics industry is an essential player within the national economy. The road freight industry provides a primary mode of transport for all industries, particularly for non-bulk freight in Australia. Recently, the industry has struggled with rising fuel costs, however, there is forecasted growth for the next five years, as they remain an essential part of the economy. The widespread push for zero emissions will require the industry to be at the top of their game, as there will be major implications for those who do not react.

Logistics and Transportation companies sit in the middle of the data supply chain, having their own data and IT systems that need to be integrated with customers’ IT systems, as well as needing to be integrated with manufacturers and suppliers’ IT systems. There is an increasing need for digitalisation of supply chain operations to minimise the risk of cyber-attacks.