Strategic change and communications for better employee experience

January 10, 2023
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Our government clients are at the forefront of transforming how Australians access government services and the support they need for everyday living. For one in particular, Integral is engaged to support the delivery of a national technology transformation program, including critical change management,
strategic communications and engagement services to:

  • Support ~1000 staff across the country.
  • Support the introduction of home-based working.
  • Retain staff in a competitive environment.
  • Build a cohesive culture and a sense of common purpose in a diverse workforce.

Services include:

  • Development of communication and engagement templates
  • Regular targeted communications
  • Senior leadership engagement
  • Culture and diversity programs, recognition, career development support
  • Ongoing change management
  • Management and improvement of the employee feedback process

The Integral led change and communications program has resulted in significant uplift in employee engagement scores year on year and the effective adoption of change - building the culture and reputation of the teams, positioning them as a centre of excellence in end-to-end project delivery.

We work to better support,
inform, retain, and inspire
employees during times of
change (all the time).

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