Elevating career prospects with content excellence and visibility

February 15, 2024
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Choosing a career is a major life decision; having access to relevant resources goes a long way in helping people as they explore their options. Integral’s Australian Government client had a website that was specifically designed for this purpose. However, there was a problem: though rich in resources, the website was not achieving the visibility it needed in search results. 

The client engaged Integral to help improve the site’s search rankings and the quality of the content.

Clarity, consistency, connection

Integral’s mission was clear: to increase the site’s digital footprint and to ensure the content resonated with the audience's needs and expectations.  Oh, and help to upskill our content team along the way please.

What we did

There were several elements to the project, including:

1. A team capability assessment:

Integral engaged with the client’s content team through interviews, gauging their SEO and content proficiency. Insights from these interviews were analysed and shared, setting the stage for a targeted training program.

2. SEO enhancement:

We undertook a comprehensive SEO audit and scrutinised every aspect of the site.

Remedial actions were identified, and a 12-month SEO strategy was crafted.

3. Content strategy:

A thorough review of the website’s content - including a full inventory and audit – along with the findings from the SEO review and team assessment capability, informed the development of an overall content strategy. 

The content strategy, which incorporated the SEO element, was developed as a tool to guide the client in improving both their SEO and digital content creation and delivery practices. 

4. Empowerment through training:

The ensured future success of the website did not just require an improvement; it required an uplift in people’s proficiency and capability as well. We developed and delivered a tailored training package, complete with a Q&A session and a recorded video for ongoing reference, to educate the client’s content team on best practices around SEO and content creation and strategy. 

Our collaboration with this federal government client is an example of transformative digital storytelling. It’s a journey designed to enhance the client’s online visibility and deliver an effective online experience for their target audience; ultimately positively impacting thousands of visitors to the site and giving them the information needed to take their lives to the next level. 

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