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Digital government puts the needs of people and business first. It means going beyond having simple online services and investing in cutting-edge technology to provide a personalised experience that is stable, secure, reliable, and ultimately anticipates the needs of every user. - Digital Transformation Agency (Australian Government), Digital Government Strategy

Simple, secure and connected public services, for all people and business, through world class data and digital capabilities - that’s the 2030 vision from the Australian Government’s data and digital strategy.

As digital technology creates new ways of life for citizens, government organisations must ensure they remain relevant. Australians’ appetite for digitally enabled services continues to grow and their is a significant opportunity for the the Australian Government to do more with digital and data to improve service delivery and government operations.

Enhancing agility, improving operations, and building trust amongst citizens should all be key priorities.

Integral has led digital audits, technology uplifts, transformation, change and engagement and more for government across the nation. 

Integral works with all levels of government across Australia and has delivered projects to help government agencies deliver seamless service and experiences to citizens and staff alike.  This includes citizen scale identity and access management (IDAM) solutions; national change and transformation; strategic communications, change and engagement; application modernisation; cloud uplifts, OpenShift uplifts; project management; business analysis; digital experience; content, search and SEO audits and strategies.

Panel membership:  Integral is an approved government supplier, on several local, state and federal government panels including the Digital Marketplace (Digital, Software and Cloud),  the federal Creative and Digital Communications Panel and others.

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Check out the Australian Government 2030 Data and Digital Government Strategy.